Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dehydrating Eggs

I have too many eggs in the fridge, and since the power can be tricky around here, especially during the spring storms, I try to can or dehydrate everything. The directions I have followed for dehydrating my eggs are here:

Since I have so many eggs, one fruit leather tray, but 5 dehydrator trays, I chose to scramble the eggs (without milk), and cook the eggs on the griddle w/o grease or butter. Then off to the dehydrator. DO NOT RUSH THIS PROCESS!!! If your eggs are not fully dehydrated, they will mold and ruin the entire batch. At this point, Abbey says they look like corn flakes. I have a small table-top dehydrator, and loaded to capacity, this takes between 16-18 hours.

(right out of the dehydrator)

(This is powedered in the blender)

Once they are fully dehydrated, put them in the blender and powder them...This should only take a few seconds. If they don't powder quickly, you may have to dehydrate them some more. The last step is to store them. The website said to store them in a jar or container. I am going to vaccuum seal them in bags marked with how many eggs are contained. And you're done!

To Use: 1 Tbsp egg powder = 1 reconstitute, mix 1 part egg to 3 parts water. Obviously you can't fry them again, but will be great in baking of all sorts.

In the future, I would like to dehydrate just the egg whites (perhaps dehydrate the yolks separately). I may also scramble both the reconstituted eggs vs. Fresh eggs to see the differences in taste and texture. Until then, Stay Tuned!