Sunday, August 8, 2010

Something Smells and other Adventures on the Homestead

This post was supposed to all about dehydrating onions for onion flakes, onion powder, and onion salt, but life sometimes has other plans…

Yesterday started out as normal. I placed a call to the blackberry patch, but was disappointed to learn that the beetles ate their entire crop. I also placed a call to the person that was giving away a chicken coop for free, if I came to get it. She had said she would call when her errands were done.

Onto the Onions- I chopped enough onions to generously fill my dehydrator trays, and, just like the internet told me, I placed them outside in the garage because the smell was not pleasant. (that info is dead on!)

I came in to make some mozzarella cheese and the crust for our homemade pizza for dinner, and when I came back out to the garage to check my onions, my dehydrator was no longer running. Upon further investigation, the fuse/resistor to the heating element is done for, which shut off the entire machine (good thing- fire hazard).

So off I go to Radio Shack to see if they have the part I need, and no sooner did I get in the parking lot, my oldest daughter calls with my son screaming in the background. She tells me that he has a nail stuck in his hand. She takes a picture and sends it to my phone, in which I call her and tell her to just pull it out, she says she tried and can’t. She says the head must be in his hand…So, home I go, with no part, no nothing.

When I got home, I looked at his hand. It was so jammed in there, it didn’t even wiggle. Off we go to the Urgent Care, where the doctor pulls about 2 inches of a large sewing needle out of my dearest’s hand. Yeah- success…It’s now 6:30 p.m.

On the way home from urgent care, the lady with the coop calls, and says it’s a good time- ha ha! I told her to give me an hour, I had to get dinner for the kids.

Back home, I am rolling out pizza dough, my daughters are shredding the cheese, and my son is telling everyone how he has been reborn since the needle came out.

Pizza’s done, give it to the kids, and off we go to the neighboring town for the coop. Finally, at 8:30 I am staring at the coop, and they are loading it on to the back of the truck. This coop was made by hand out of OSB board, and about 5 ½ feet tall, with a tin roof, which would bang and threaten to fly off if we drove more than 30 mph on the way home. And, while going through town on a Saturday night, everyone gawked at us. We laughed the entire ride home…Makin’ Memories is what it’s all about! Here’s a picture of my new coop, which my mother has named it the Mother In-Law Suite.

On a more serious note, this coop will be perfect after we cut the legs down so the coop is about a foot or so off the ground, and we tighten down the roof. My Buff Rock Hen, Buffy (yes, I’m creative) has been in my studio in seclusion for several weeks after being beaten up again, so this will be the perfect little abode for her. She has missed being able to go outside and is noticeably angry with me and my promises of the great beyond. She will love it!

Anyway, today is a new day. My son’s hand is doing better, the coop is here, and the dehydrator is still working on those onions (We got it to work, but it may be a fire hazard and I still haven’t decided if it’s cooking the onions or drying them). Tomorrow I may get a new one, but, in the words of my favorite movie character, “Tomorrow is another day!”


  1. LOL- You sure don't live a boring country life!

  2. No, I always say that I long for a boring life, but if "boring" ever came, I might be a alarmed! Maybe "peaceful" is a better word. :)
    I guess as long as the kids are young, boring and peacful will have to wait.